Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Things Must not Return 'Back to Normal'

I had written a short post regarding the return to somewhat normal life after three months of quarantine.  As I was about to post it here on my blog, I decided it would benefit from a larger audience, and so I sent it as an op-ed to the Montreal Gazette.  They decided to publish it (it is in the June 25, 2020, print edition); the online link is here.

In summary, my hope is that as certain aspects of life get back to normal, I sincerely hope that some key lessons learned on our three month long quarantine reflection will endure.  Things must not go back to how they were.  Black Lives Matter, buying local, minimal commuting... These positive movements were inevitable, but COVID-19 accelerated them.  The hurt brought upon by the pandemic cannot be undone, but it can stand for something if we maintain the positive changes that it has brought about.

I extend my best wishes to you and your families and friends.  I remain hopeful that our species can learn to live justly among ourselves and sustainably atop this beautiful planet.