For Physics Students

Physics articles organized by course subject...


Vectors: Orienteering is all About Finding Your Way
Newton's Laws: My Daughter, the Physicist
Newton's Laws: The Radiologist Who Should Brush up on her Mechanics
Law of Gravitation: Journey to the Center of the Earth
Kinematics: Mechanics in an Elevator
Free Body Diagrams: Life as a Mass on an Inclined Plane
Circular Dynamics: What if the Earth Spun Faster?
Conservation of Energy: The First Law of Dieting and Life is Like a Non-Conservative Force
Conservation of Momentum: Resolving Conflicts with Newtonian Mechanics
Miscellaneous: Felix Baumgartner's Sky Dive - Part I and Part II
Miscellaneous: The Mechanics of Sports Injuries
Miscellaneous: "Speed", featuring Keanu Reeves and Mechanics
Miscellaneous: What Makes Usain Bolt so Fast?
Miscellaneous: Unraveling the Mechanics of Spider-Man's Web
Stress and Strain: A Toddler at Night as Predicted by Material Science

Electricity and Magnetism

Electrical Discharge: Why Does Lightning Appear Blue and Cause a Rumble?
Electric Field: In this House, Mom and Dad Make the Electric Field
Overview of Electrical Circuits: Water and Electricity Do Mix
Intro to Magnetism: Magnetism the Most Magical of Forces

Waves and Vibrations

Oscillations (harmonic, damped, forced): Good Vibrations
Pulses: A Mechanical Pulse
Standing Waves: Guitar String Theory
Nature of Light: Wavelengths and Personality Types
Reflection and Refraction: Snell's Law for Light and Students
Polarity of Light: Polarization in Light and Politics

Modern Physics

Special Relativity (concept): The Relativity of Religion
Special Relativity (example): The Famous Twin Paradox
Nuclear Physics: The Unfathomable Power of Nuclear
Quantum Physics: Quantum Discomfort