Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Keeping our Heads in the Face of Tragedy

My heart is filled with sadness.  Yesterday's Boston Marathon Bombing is at the front of my mind as it is no doubt for you and everyone you know.  I don't know anyone killed or injured on a personal level, but it is the kind of event that breaks the heart of humanity, and for this reason I feel the need to mourn.

When ugliness becomes so apparent in the world, we feel the need to make sense of it.  I imagine a work of art, so carefully painted by an artist over the course of days or weeks.  The beautiful result can be destroyed in seconds by a vandal with a can of spray paint.  It is so much easier to undo something than to do it.  It is a manifestation of the second law of thermodynamics.  Chaos has a tendency to increase.

When an event that aims to lift the spirits of a city is marked by the sinister act of one or a few rogue individuals, some feel as though we should just give up.  It seems there will always be these bad seeds.  We must remember that such cowards form the tiniest portion of humanity, and in no way represent us.  They succeed in wreaking havoc because it is vastly easier to rain on a parade than to assemble one.

In this dark hour, let us keep our heads, mourn the individuals directly affected, and honour them with our persistence.  We must keep celebrating life despite such acts.  In many ways, life is like a marathon; we must keep running, even when the terrain is so terribly unforgiving.

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