Thursday, August 17, 2017

Summer 2017 Projects

Here were my two summer projects for 2017...

1.  My fence.  Two posts dug by hand and two long spikes hammered in.  One interesting challenge was removing the old worn-out fence that was in the exact same location.  A post requires something like 600 lbs of lift force in order to remove it due to the concrete at the base.  I drilled a large hole through these posts, inserted an old bench press bar, and pryed them up.  The bar bent, but it did the job.  Yay torque.

2.  My kids' tree-house.  I had at least as much fun making it as they do playing in it.  I propped up an old 3 by 4 foot pallet about 4 feet off the ground and built around it.  Requires a circular saw, a bench and a drill...and about 300 bolts.  You can see it in the corner where the two fences meet.  I also built a couple of obstacles for my kids who are training to be American Ninja Warriors, despite being Canadian citizens.

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